Trees can be the source of a range of disputes that get referred to solicitors to seek resolution. Expert opinion on arboricultural matters can be of high value in resolving such disputes.

Our principal consultant, Dr Jon Heuch, has been involved as an Arboricultural Expert Witness in both civil and criminal cases dealing with :

  • Property damage as a result of tree root activity i.e. Subsidence & Heave
  • Compensation following damage to trees (civil and criminal)
  • Valuation of amenity trees
  • Personal and property injury including fatalities from both tree and branch failure and disruption to patios, walls and footpaths
  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Tree Preservation Order applications and appeals
  • Tree Preservation Order prosecutions & defences (i.e. criminal court)
  • Trading Standards prosecutions & defences (i.e. criminal court)
  • Professional Standards and Indemnity Claims
  • Giving evidence in the Coroner's Court
Jon Heuch was a trustee of the Arboricultural Assocation 2007-2016 serving as Vice Chairman 2008-2009 and Chair 2009-2010.

He is a Registered Consultant of both the Arboricultural Association Arboricultural Association - Registered Consultant Directory ( and the Institute of Chartered Foresters Forestry Consultant Services | Arboricultural Consultants | ICF (

He was an examiner for the Professional Diploma in Arboriculture 2008-2012, serves as a membership assessor for the Institute of Chartered Foresters, . He maintains the online advice for Chartered Surveyors (RICS) dealing with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) and High Hedges at